RETAIL : Its all about the brand named 'Experience'

From personalized video ads on social media to interactive apps, Digital marketing has evolved - one gigabyte at a time. Here's taking a look at the transformation and what lies ahead of us.

With the rapid adoption of smartphones, India's e-literacy is increasing as rapidly as its cellular subscription base. While graduating through IIN (cellular network ad) exclaiming 'What an idea, sirji' may certainly sound over-hyped, but traversing and comprehending data over a dozenful of apps on the smartphone has been a definite reality. Stats show that by the year 2020, over 60% of India's population is believed to understand, comprehend and interact with digital platforms. With this anticipation, every enterprise and every working professional is expected to be familiar with at-least one tenets of Digital Marketing.

It all started with Web 1.0 as a 'readable' phase of digital marketing that had a display only content, no reviews. Come Web 2.0, the world was treated with a 'writable' flavor which enabled man-man / man-machine interaction. Its the time of Web 3.0, which is the 'executable' phase that allows machine-machine interaction. Its in this age, that computers can interpret information like humans and intelligently generate / distribute useful content tailored to the needs of users.

This makes today - an era of Information. Information about users, interpreted by machines and verified by yet another set of machines. Plain-text Ads and mute JPEGs have got replaced with interactive apps that bear an avatar whom users yearn to talk with.

Its the time when machines know our choices better than others from our own race.

Every brand needs such data. Availability of data is no news in today times, however what to do with such data is of immense relevance.

Brand building is similar to relationship building. Relationship with a product or a service cannot happen without a conversation. Imagine if brands start getting identities. Well, being a brand, they already do, yet what if you start talking to the brand and the brand recognizes you, knows your choices and in general understands everything that is relevant for you to make a choice. Can technology help brands give a homogeneous customer experience across channels (online, in-app, store, promotions) like the way Apple manages to give the same user experience across its multiple platforms?

It is Web 3.0 that makes this thought a reality. The tons of data generated by your smartphone reflects your choices and behavior. Now imagine a Brand that deploys Interactive kiosks in every Mall or Retail zone that can recognize you and helps you make a choice. Delightful! Imagine a retail apparel store, where a robot assists you with selecting clothes while at the same time shows how they'd fit on you, just like how paint companies enthrall you with a virtual reality sample.

Systems from across the world can now identify you via face recognition. So whether you browse books in a Bookstore in Mumbai or kill time at the airport duty free, you get just the same experience.

Further, such tech will help brands to forecast the demand of a product even before it hits the stores and they can manage the supplies well in advance. Consumers shall never complain of no-stocks and will get exactly what they thought about.

The outcome : A relationship sealed. A Brand built !

Welcome to an era of a new evolution. Welcome to the brand named - 'Experience'

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